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Franklin BES-1850 English Spanish Translator

  • America's #1 Selling Speaking Electronic Bilingual Dictionary provides you with instant access to 5,000,000 total translations to and from Spanish and English! Speaks words and phrases.
  • Includes new Touch Panel technology with active keys for easy use.
  • Communicate Effectively in Spanish This dictionary is specially designed for all levels of language skill from beginner to advanced, with extra attention given to the Spanish of Central and South America
  • Clear, concise full definitions from Merriam-Webster, Your #1 Language Resource, give you the meanings to communicate effectively.
  • Hear words spoken clearly and pronounced accurately.
  • Write and speak accurately with the advanced verb conjugation feature, conjugating and translating both English and Spanish verbs, for example I learn -> yo aprendo.
  • Grammar guide includes all essential information on Spanish grammar rules, to help you construct sentences. Hear 600 travelers' phrases in recorded human voice, useful for business and leisure travelers.
  • Instant phonetic spell correction provides you with correct spellings based on phonetically entered words.
  • Learning Exercises are a fun, systematic approach to improving spelling and vocabulary, including Spelling Bee and Flashcard methods.
    brand new one year warranty.
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