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Radio Remote Control Airship Blimp Saucer UFO TOY 
  • Helium refillable flying blimp makes sharp turns and spins of 360 degrees

  • Blimp is constructed of a Mylar balloon that is 36" in length when fully inflated

  • Micro motor jet thrusters enable the blimp to be flown in all directions.

  • The radio is non-proportional so the propellers are full-on or off.

  • Radio controls forward/reverse, up/down, right/left by means of varying the rotational direction of the two propellers.

  • For indoor use only


  • Length: 36"

  • Diameter: 36"

  • Propulsion System: 2 electric motors

  • Flight Time: 2 hours (approx.)


  • one 36"X16" Helium Balloon silver color

  • Complete Instructions and Piloting Ti

  • One remote control radio transmitter with antenna

  • One package of balancing plasticine (putty)

  • 4 decorative styrene fins

  • Requires

  • 2 "aaa" battery for the micro motors

  • 2 "aa" battery for the radio transmitter

  • Helium gas to inflate balloon may be purchased at florists, party supply stores.

  • Scotch tape .

  • brand new  1 year warranty!

      List Price $59.99
      Our Price : $14.99 
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