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Radio Remote Control Helium RC Airship Blimp TOYS 
Explore the alien landscapes around your home with the indoors airship blimp !

A 36"x16" metalized Mylar balloon with 2 micro-motor jet thrusters plus a 2 channel radio control, equals a sweet blimp flying experience! It's ready to fly, as this Helium refillable balloon is virtually weightless making it very safe for indoor flight! Fly it forwards or backwards, up or down, it will fly in all directions. its versatility is awesome. Feel the stability when you hover, it's like the real thing! Do 360-degree spins and sharp turns, with the 2 micro-motor jet thrusters. !
The airship Blimp is perfect for indoor flying action and uses readily available batteries and Helium (available at party and toy stores and florists).

  • Helium refillable flying blimp makes sharp turns and spins of 360 degrees

  • Blimp is constructed of a Mylar balloon that is 36" in length when fully inflated

  • Micro motor jet thrusters enable the blimp to be flown in all directions.

  • The radio is non-proportional so the propellers are full-on or off.

  • Radio controls forward/reverse, up/down, right/left by means of varying the rotational direction of the two propellers.

  • For indoor use only


  • Length: 36"

  • Diameter: 36"

  • Propulsion System: 2 electric motors

  • Flight Time: 2 hours (approx.)


  • one 36"X16" Helium Balloon silver color

  • Complete Instructions and Piloting Ti

  • One remote control radio transmitter with antenna

  • One package of balancing plasticine (putty)

  • 4 decorative styrene fins


  • 2 "aaa" battery for the micro motors

  • 2 "aa" battery for the radio transmitter

  • Helium gas to inflate balloon may be purchased at florists, party supply stores.

  • Scotch tape .

  • brand new 1 year warranty!

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  Our Price : $14.99
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