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YAMAHA RX-V750 7.1 Channel 700W Receiver.
1 year Warranties Yamaha's RX-V750 audio/video receiver delivers high-quality, future-ready performance with ultimate surround processing--all at a remarkably affordable price. The RX-V750 offers the convenience of DVD-Audio/SACD-ready analog inputs alongside the latest 7.1-channel surround formats, 192 kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion for all channels, and premium Yamaha sound technologies. Finished in traditional black, the receiver will disappear in your darkened living room during movies.

 When hooked up with the digital-audio output from a DVD-Video player or digital satellite receiver, the 100 watts-per-channel receiver (20 to 20,000 Hz into 8 ohms with 0.06 percent THD) handles standard 5.1-channel surround decoding for both major formats, Dolby Digital and DTS. In addition, the receiver processes Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24, DTS Neo:6, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1, and DTS-EX Discrete 6.1. The extended-surround formats (including Yamaha's own) create even more expansive soundfields through the use of an additional rear pair of surround speakers, resulting in 7 discrete, full-range signals in addition to the LFE (low-frequency effects) channel: front left/right, mid-surround left/right, rear-surround left/right, and a front-center channels.

A key benefit from a Yamaha receiver, of course, is Yamaha's proprietary signal processing, including Cinema DSP (digital soundfield processing), which creates aural "imaging" that not only makes your home sound like a theater, but also sounds better than most movie theaters. Based on a wealth of measured data in real studios and halls, Cinema DSP is designed to bring out the full potential of movie sound mixes, reproducing them the way directors and sound engineers intended.

Non-Dolby Digital and DTS sources can benefit from surround processing, too. With enhanced directional steering over standard four-channel Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic IIx provides 5.1 channels of surround processing from any stereo source--whether that's a TV broadcast, VHS tapes, or your favorite CDs, cassettes, and LPs.

 And, when you're listening to multichannel presentations late at night, you'll appreciate Silent Cinema, which simulates 5.1-channel listening through a pair of ordinary 2-channel headphones (not included). Silent Cinema uses unique parameters for each soundfield to ensure accurate headphone representations of each soundfield. DVD-Audio and SACD can each deliver up to 6 channels of discrete, full-frequency sound at greater-than-CD resolution (in the case of DVD-A, that means 24 bits, 192 kHz sampling rate versus 16 bits, 44.1 kHz for CD). In stereo or surround, the sound from

DVD-Audio and SACD is packed with detail, yet smoother and sweeter from than the sound from even the best standard CD players. This receiver also comes fully equipped with Yamaha's YPAO system, which uses a small microphone (supplied) to analyze the acoustics of your room and, based on the results, make intelligent adjustments of various speaker parameters to provide the optimum sound at your primary listening position.

The receiver offers 7 stereo audio/video input connections (all with composite-/S-video, 2 with component-video), 1 stereo phono input (with ground), 1 set of multichannel (7.1) analog inputs for your DVD-Audio or SACD player, 6 fixed and assignable digital-audio inputs (great for DSS, CD, laserdisc, gaming consoles, or minidisc), and front-panel input connections for your camcorder or other spontaneous hookup. The receiver's video circuitry is high-definition ready, too (60 MHz bandwidth for the component-video circuits), and it will upconvert composite- to S-video and S-video to component-video (720p/1080i) to simplify TV hookups.

 For outputs, you get 3 standard AV outputs (stereo RCA audio with composite- and S-video) and a set of 7.1-channel preamplifier outputs, in addition to a stereo RCA (left/right) Zone 2 line-level output. Speaker outputs for all 7 main channels are sturdy binding-post type (including the left/right B Speakers set), while the Zone 2 speakers (which do double duty as "presence" speaker outputs for Yamaha DSP algorithms) feature clip-type terminals.

Last, but certainly not least, the RX-V750 benefits from Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) build philosophy. The culmination of the best digital engineering and design possible, it brings together several key elements to create the best-sounding, easiest-to-use A/V components available.

What's in the Box Receiver, remote control, an AM loop antenna, an indoor FM antenna, an optimizer microphone, and a user's manual. Product Description Yamaha RX V750 is a 7.1 Channel Receiver with an astounding array of Home Theater functions, including YPAO acoustic customization, Dolby Digital Pro Logic IIx compatibility, 700W (100W x 7) power, Quad Field CINEMA DSP and 29 surround programs


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