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    Linear Stanley 3070 / 3060 Multi Code
Gate/Garage/Door Remote

This is the real deal, 10 digit ,single button Linear Multi-Code Remote! The perfect companion to your 3089 Milti-Code visor remote. These fit nicely in the new car headliner remote pocket.
Key chain ready, this allows all in the family or business to have their own remote without the risk of leaving it in the car where anyone can copy the code, giving access to your property !
New, factory wrapped with battery, ready to program and use.



  • Multicode model 3070 micro-mini remote control
  • 300 MHZ Frequency gate or garage door opener remote transmitter
  • Compatible with ALL Multicode 10 Dip Switch systems
  • Mini "key chain" size (2.5" by 1.25")- convenient for purse or motorcycle
  •  12V battery included with

1  year Warranty  

  List Price $29.99
 Our Price :$9.99


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