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Car Power Inverter 350/700 Watt Continuous 12V DC-AC














This power inverter is and electronic device that converts 12V DC voltage from the car or other DC power sources to standard AC household power. It uses advanced technology to produce a "Modified Sine Wave". A waveform of this type is suitable for most AC applicances such as : TV desktop and portable computers, monitors, cellular phones, lighting, audio/video products, test equipment, mixers, blenders, fans, etc...

One (1) grounded AC outlet plug

  •  350 watt continuous power
  • two AC-110 volt output
  • On/Off switch with power indicator light
  •  Overload Protection
  • Low Voltage/  Overheat  Protection


1  year warranty  

  List Pricee $99.99
 Our Price:$29.99

item # 171   

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