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    Yamaha RX-V730 6.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver


Versatile Yamaha 6-Channel Home Theater Receiver With On-Screen Display
POWERFUL HOME THEATER RECEIVER The RX-V730 is a powerful and versatile 6-channel receiver, delivering 75 watts to each channel, Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART Technology assures the purest circuits and transmission.

POWERFUL SOUND PROCESSING Yamaha's powerful decoding circuitry incorporated into the RX-V730 performs Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby ProLogic II, DTS, and DTS "ES-Compatible" decoding with extreme accuracy. Yamaha's Quad-Field CINEMA DSP adds an additional rear center soundfield, allowing enjoyment of 6.1 channel movie sound formats. The RX-V730 provides 21 surround programs and offers a total of 41 surround environment variations.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LSIS AND OTHER CIRCUITRY Yamaha's proprietary ASIC LSI, the 32-bit YSS-938, assures top quality audio performance.

VERSATILE VIDEO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS Eager to take on challenging home theater situations, the RX-V730 has 5 video inputs and 2 video outputs. All have S-video connections in addition to standard RCA jacks. Two component video inputs assure the best possible video signal transmission. Front panel A/V inputs make temporary connections easy.

AUDIO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS FOR EVERY NEED The RX-V730 has two audio-only inputs nad one audio-only output. Including the audio portion of A/V source inputs, the receiver provides 4 optical and 1 coaxial digital. In addition, the RX-V730 provides a digital audio output.

AUTO-PRIORITY INPUT SELECTION AND AUTO DECODER SELECTION When a source is selected, the receiver automatically chooses the best quality input connected - component video rather than composite video, etc. The receiver also makes the same automatic selection for decoding, down the hierarchy from discrete multi-channel, to matrix, and then stereo.

PRE-OUTS FOR ALL CHANNELS The unit provides pre-outs for all channels, including a subwoofer pre-out.

VIRTUAL CINEMA DSP Provides a realistic surround multi-channel surround experience using only two speakers.

SILENT CINEMA Building on technology incorporated into its world famous "silent" musical instruments, Yamaha has added HRTF and "Virtual" technology to create a realistic surround movie effect using standard, two-channel headphones.

6-CHANNEL INPUTS FOR EXTERNAL DECODER The RX-V730's rear panel has input jacks to accommodate an external 6-channel decoder. The receiver is ready for any other 5.1 channel format, should one be developed.

ON-SCREEN DISPLAY Control and adjustment are always easy to check via the receiver's clear on-screen display messages.

LOW IMPEDANCE DRIVE CAPABILITY AND IMPEDANCE SWITCHING Yamaha's famed low impedance drive circuitry is included in this receiver so that it can handle virtually all loads and a wide variety of speakers. For further speaker matching, the amplifier can set for either 4- or 8-ohm speakers.

LINEAR DAMPING FACTOR CIRCUIT The advantage of full range, 20 to 20,000 Hz, damping is that it improves the definiton and resolution of the sound output throughout the audible frequency range.

DIGITALLY REGULATED VOLUME CONTROL FOR ALL CHANNELS Precise volume adjustment and matching is made possible via Yamaha's remote control featuring an LCD display and presets.

VERSATILE REMOTE For easy operation, the RX-V730 comes with Yamaha's remote control featuring an LCD display and presets.

A/B SPEAKER SELECTOR Allows selection of either a first set of speakers main speaker or a second -- or both.

SLEEP TIMER Permits a delayed receiver turn off. It can be set for up to two hours in 30 minute increments.

40-STATION DIRECT ACCESS PRESET TUNING Up to 40 preset AM and FM stations can be grouped in five groups eight stations. These groupings make it easy for family members to easily access their favorite stations or to have musical genres, such as all the jazz stations, grouped together.

MULTI-WAY BINDING POST SPEAKER TERMINALS Yamaha's heavy-duty binding post speaker terminals for all channels accept banana plugs, spade connectors, and a variety of speaker wire, including heavy gauge cable.

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